College Lacrosse 2014 available on the AppStore and Google Play!


In the first ever full field lacrosse video game for iOS and Android, College Lacrosse 2014 brings real lacrosse gameplay to your mobile devices. Lacrosse face-offs, shots, passing, checks, ground balls, dodging, and more! Take control of your lacrosse team with the full 14 week season mode that includes roster customization, player progression, substitutions, offensive sets, riding and clearing formations. In the full season mode, your team gets better the more you play! Enhance your players strength, agility, speed, stick skills, face-offs, and much more as the lacrosse season progresses. Keep track of your team with lacrosse statistics such as goals, assists, shots, forced turnovers, ground balls, face-off wins, goalie saves and shot percentage.

Lacrosse 15 Funded!



Lacrosse history created


Crosse Studios, the creator of over ten lacrosse video games, announced that Lacrosse 15 for PlayStation, Xbox, and the PC has been successfully funded on Indiegogo!

Lacrosse 15 will be released the Spring of 2015 for PlayStation, Xbox, and the PC. The game will feature high quality graphics, a multi-year dynasty mode, competitive online multiplayer, in-depth character customization, and ultra-realistic lacrosse gameplay.

The campaign allowed the fans to help fund Lacrosse 15 by pledging preorders and experiencing the thrill of being featured in the game. Now that enough people backed the Lacrosse 15 fundraiser, Crosse Studios will be able to deliver the highest-quality lacrosse video game ever created to PlayStation, Xbox, and the PC for the spring of 2015.

Crosse Studios is a Pittsburgh-based company that specializes in the development of lacrosse video games. Crosse Studios has released five Xbox 360 lacrosse games, which include three College Lacrosse games and two games licensed by the National Lacrosse League. Most recently, Crosse Studios released five mobile games, including Lacrosse Dodge, Flick Lacrosse Lite, Laxy Bro, Lacrosse Arcade 2014, and Lacrosse Shot. They are currently developing College Lacrosse 2014 for iOS and Android.









Carlo Sunseri and Crosse Studios are happy to announce Lacrosse Arcade 2014 has been released to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

For the first time ever lacrosse players will be able to control every aspect of the player’s movement, shooting, passing, and defense on their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The game features five unique modes where you shoot on a goalie, progress through transition offense, weave through relentless defenders, compete in a full-field game of four on four, and unlock a practice mode where you adjust all aspects of the game. Lacrosse Arcade 2014 also includes motion capture animations, two control schemes to select from, realistic lacrosse artificial intelligence, social integration, and online leaderboards.

“Lacrosse Arcade 2014 is a launching point for an entire new series of lacrosse video games,” said Carlo Sunseri, founder of Crosse Studios. “We are using a completely new game engine which gives us unprecedented control over the gameplay, graphics, and artificial intelligence. From here, we can expand to more platforms and continue to push lacrosse video games to levels never seen before.”

Lacrosse Arcade 2014 is the start of a new lacrosse video game series for mobile phones and tablets from Crosse Studios. The game consists of five game modes, two unique control schemes, realistic artificial intelligence, motion capture animations, ragdoll physics, online leaderboards, social integration, and lacrosse action like never seen before on mobile devices.

Lacrosse Arcade 2014 is available now on iOS and Android

Lacrosse Shot is available now on the AppStore and Android



Carlo Sunseri and Crosse are happy to announce that Lacrosse Shot has been released to the Apple AppStore and Google Play.
Lacrosse Shot is a third-person flick lacrosse video game featuring character creation, four unique game modes, four difficulty levels, goalies, defenders, and online leaderboards.
“Lacrosse Shot is a game you can play for a quick thirty seconds or hours unlocking all the customization options for your player,” said Carlo Sunseri, founder of Crosse. “It’s the perfect middle ground for hardcore gamers and people who are looking to relax and shoot lacrosse on their mobile devices.”
Lacrosse Shot places you directly behind your custom lacrosse player and allows the user to instantly start sniping corners on a lacrosse goal. As the game progresses, targets show in and around the goal, defenders start charging, and a goalie appears in the net. The game consists of four game modes and four unlockable difficulty levels. The more games the user plays, the more coins they can earn, and the more the user can unlock in the game to customize their player.
Lacrosse Shot is available now on the Apple AppStore and Google Play. Create your own player and start sniping corners today!
Crosse is a Pittsburgh-based company that specializes in the development of lacrosse video games. Crosse has released five Xbox 360 lacrosse games, which include three College Lacrosse games and two games fully licensed by the National Lacrosse League. Most recently, Crosse released five more games for iOS and Android: Lacrosse Dodge, Flick Lacrosse LITE, Laxy Bro, Lacrosse Arcade 2014, and Lacrosse Shot.
 Carlo Sunseri:
Carlo is the Founder and President of Crosse Studios. His lacrosse background and video game development experience make him the ideal leader to push the development of lacrosse video games. He spent more than 15 years playing, coaching, and instructing lacrosse at some of the game’s most elite levels. As a player, Carlo captained the Robert Morris Division I lacrosse team for three seasons where he also earned the team’s Iron Man award in those years. He independently formed Crosse Studios in 2009. Carlo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports Management from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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Laxy Bro


Laxy Bro is a simple flappy game for lacrosse gamers! In honor of the legendary Flappy Bird, we decided to make a lacrosse game called, Laxy Bro! Tap to fly the Laxy Bro through the lacrosse sticks and set the world record on the online leaderboards.